QuantumCast Skip API

The QuantumCast Skip API controls skips in streams using dedicated URL GET parameters appended to a QuantumCast stream URL.

Note: The channel behind the stream URL has to be skip enabled in the QuantumCast console backend to make use of this Skip API.

Example streamURL: http://sabc-test.stream.vip/qc/mp3-256/ (or https://sabc-test.stream.vip/qc/mp3-256/)

URL parameters

Name Explanation Example
sabcsid Uinique listener ID (UUID) fb3c7ba352e3
skip Session-ID for actual listener or live for livestream e1d4c7a3-cae1-4a74-a489-7b41648bd9e7
skip2 Position-ID of last item 7648

The sabcsid paramter is mandantory. It has to be unique and always the same for a specific user.

If you are working on a web player you can use our QuantumCast Javascript-SDK to generate this listener id and decorate an existing stream URL. Q

Initial start of a skippable stream

Every listener session has to be started with an valid listener id parameter sabcsid like so: http://sabc-test.stream.vip/qc/mp3-256/?sabcsid=fb3c7ba352e3

This starts a default live stream session but prepares our backend system to upcoming skips of this user.

Skip to next element

Start a new listener session with the same stream url like before but add a valid skip and skip2 paramter: http://sabc-test.stream.vip/qc/mp3-256/?sabcsid=fb3c7ba352e3&skip=e1d4c7a3-cae1-4a74-a489-7b41648bd9e7&skip2=7648

This starts a a new user stream session starting with the next song after position defined with skip2.

You get the required values for skip and skip2 over a Websocket connection to our player services API as described here:

With a subscription to /metadata/{listenerid} you get all metadata events in real-time.

If it’s not possible to open a websockets connection in addition to the stream playback you can generate your own session id and send this value as skip parameter and leave skip2 blank. Bear in mind that this comes with some drawbacks: A stream start without a valid session id from our QuantumCast backend will result in slightly longer wait times until audio begins. In addition you can only skip to the next element in the playlist.

A websockets connection on the other hand gives you some more useful data. You get the users metadata (artist, song) of the element playing right now and the next element as long as cover art and some status information. You also get information about whether the actual element is an advertisement and how long it plays.

Tune back to live stream

Start a new listener session with the same stream url like before but add live as skip parameter: http://sabc-test.stream.vip/qc/mp3-256/?sabcsid=fb3c7ba352e3&skip=live

You can also just omit all skip parameters to start a livestream. But if the disconnect time is too short our backend tries to re-connect you listener to his already running skip stream. A skip=live forces a live stream start.

For more information, please open a ticket: https://streamabc.zammad.com

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