The QuantumCast Logimporter sends logs from streaming servers to our QuantumCast infrastructure. This is necessary to generate statistics for listeners, create AGMA log files and other statistical analyzations.

You can use Logimporter to stream logs to QuantumCast (“tail-mode”) on the fly or to send the content of a single file at once.

Logimporter can work with log files from these streaming servers:

  • Icecast
  • Shoutcast 1
  • Windows Media Server
  • AIS (Ver. 7.x and 8.x)


The Logimporter is shipped as a single static binary that can be used without further installation. Just download the file, put it somewhere and make it executable.

Get in contact with QuantumCast support to get your installation files.

Logimporter is available in versions for Linux, Windows, macOS and BSD Unix.

The program is operated with command lines parameters. To get a list of all parameters execute this:

./logimporter --help


This is the most common use case. In this mode Logimporter works like Unix tail command. Tail mode starts at the end of the file. All new lines that are added to a file are parsed and sent to QuantumCast in real-time. Any lines that still exist in the file once you start are not transmitted. The program stays in foreground until you end it with CTRL-C. You can create a init.d or systemd start script to run it in background and control it.

./logimporter --dbuser=DBUSER --dbpass=DBPASS --dbname=DBNAME --dbhost=DBHOST --logtype=icecast --tail ./logs/access.log

Note: All values for data access are provided by QuantumCast when you need it.

Some log types like Shoutcast need additional parameters. For more information see below.

Single File Mode

In this mode Logimporter send the content of one file at once. It starts with the first line and process the file until all lines are done. All parameters work as in tail-mode. You just need to omit the –tail flag.

./logimporter --dbuser=DBUSER --dbpass=DBPASS --dbname=DBNAME --dbhost=DBHOST --logtype=icecast ./logs/access.log

Note: All values for data access are provided by QuantumCast when you need it.

The program shows the import progress and automatically stops if the end of the file is reached.

AIS Logtype

AIS logs access and session logs. Please always use session logs because only these log files contain information on session durations.

AIS uses a configurable log field layout. Logimporter tries to detect the current field definition by using the line prefixed with #Fields: that is included in every session log file.

If no field configuration can be found it uses a default.

For more information, please open a ticket: https://streamabc.zammad.com

Visit our company website: www.quantumcast-digital.com